Notes From a Professional Wine Buyer

It is an inarguable truth that honey wines reside outside of most wine professionals’ comfort zone, myself included. You would be fair in your assessment of mead if it included imagery of wizards and chubby men-children living in their parents’ basements. But, this is not the whole picture. In my time as a retail wine … Read more

For my money, the Loire Valley is pretty hard to beat in that ever important complexity/price quotient. For drinkers who savor raw expressions of terroir, even the most basic wines in the Loire can sing with minerality. No sub-appellation does so as consistently in the under fifteen dollar category than those from around the town … Read more

Review of 1999 Guelbenzu Lautus

January 24th, 2013 | Posted by Aaron in Wine Reviews - (0 Comments)

Much has changed in Spain’s wine industry since this particular one was made almost fifteen years ago. Priorat was in the midst of it’s burst onto the modern wine scene and it wasn’t long before other regions would follow. To a ┬ácertain degree, Spain sat perched on the cusp of a new age of winemaking. … Read more

Wines that exhibit true authenticity, even eccentricity, sadly are few in number. I’m talking about the nature of wines, not the goofy thumbprint left on them by a winemaker who envisions themselves a maverick or mad scientist. Those people largely aren’t doing anything to improve the way that wines express their place of origin. The … Read more

Last night I tasted the new vintage of importer Eric Solomon’s negociant Rhone red, Andezon. To be up front, this is un unabashedly modern wine, with much of it’s profile defined by the roundness of it’s fruit. This isn’t typically the style of wine I prefer, but the Andezon gets points for sheer complexity packed … Read more

Review of 2010 Lumos Gewurztraminer

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Gewurztraminer is far from Oregon’s most popular white grape. At 192 total acres planted in the state, it is easy to understand why our Gewurztraminer isn’t taking the world by storm. This grape – which still calls Germany, Northern Italy and Austria it’s primary home – has made recent inroads in the new world. It … Read more

It could be easily argued that the need for wines of value is greater during the holidays. Most of us have budgets that are stretched to accomodate manic levels of gift giving and we need to squeeze every ounce of pleasure possible from our wine dollars. To do my part I’ll be suggesting a handful … Read more

When Beer is Like Wine

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Because it is my job to do so, I follow trends in beer and wine closely. Lately, the emergence of domestic sour ales as a popular category is a trend that I admit to following just a little more closely. This is primarily because this style of ale, which originated in Belgium, bears some similarities … Read more

In Italy’s northern Piemonte winemaking region, the red Dolcetto grape plays delicate floral beauty to the darker, more angst-y ways of the Barbera varietal. But don’t be fooled, Dolcetto can have significant tannic structure and aggressive acidities. It is these kind of paradoxical qualities that draw me to Italian wine: the muscle lurking behind the … Read more

It would be fair to say that all great wines have an intriguing story behind them. High in the mountains north of Barcelona there is a story that I think begs telling. The area’s winemaking history dates back to 1194 when the monks at the Scala Dei monastery planted their first vines. This monastery maintains … Read more